High energy and stylized, an urban style class. Classes are designed to develop coordination, introduce technique and build confidence in a friendly and fun environment. Students learn street dance routines to the latest tunes incorporating movements such as:

  • popping
  • locking
  • funk
  • jamming
  • hip hop.

Students are also encouraged to express themselves through improvisation and freestyling.

Spotlight & JC offer Street Dance classes from ages of 3 -18 and this class is usually combined with a Jazz class

Our street dance students are also offered the possibility to audition for our competitive troupes which are choreographed by Tia who creates exciting competition dances which do well on the competition circuit.

Event Hours

18:00 - 18:4519:15 - 20:1521:00 - 21:45
17:45 - 18:3019:00 - 19:45

Event Details