Madison Winter

Assistant teacher Madison Winter

I’ve been dancing at Spotlight for 6 years. I’ve attended previous dance schools since the age of three, doing varies styles such as ballet, tap, contemporary, street and jazz, which is a personal favourite. I have also danced competitively four times at the UK dance championships with my street crew and have participated in many dance exams. Furthermore, I do also take dance for GCSE and wish to study it for A-levels and at university, to possibly become a dance teacher myself. Other than dance I also enjoy drama and music and would wish to take these for A-levels also.

Being an assistant teacher is such a privilege, working alongside Rachael, I’ve been able to pick up many skills which are essential when teaching dance in the future, and I thoroughly enjoy working with the children, to help improve their dancing and also my own. 2017 was also a strong year for me dance-wise, as fellow assistant teacher Rebecca and I, managed to lead a team of talented dancers in my school to victory in a local dance competition.