Tia Ogilvie

Assistant and Choreographer

My name is Tia Ogilvie aged 17. I started dance at the young age of 3 where I found spotlight school of dance at the age of 6 doing every style of dance including ballet, tap, street and jazz. I have been performing on the competition team with spotlight since I was around the age of 10 becoming more and more serious about taking dance on as a career. I became an assistant teacher at the age of 14 where I was able to teach Lil Ones in street and jazz sharing my knowledge and choreography.

Teaching has always been something I have wanted to do and have been teaching dance through Spotlight and outside at every opportunity I can get.  After leaving school and now in my first term at dance college I am now studying dance full time and also teaching the youngest competition team at spotlight which I would love to carry on as a career in the future.